Thursday, April 17, 2014

Interview to Katrina from Katrina Illustration

One of the things I love about blogging is jumping from one blog to another, and discover new blogs and talented people by doing it. That's why I decided that one of the new sections I wanted in the blog would be dedicated to interviewing other bloggers and spread the word about what they do. I had done spotlights and interviews before, but never as a regular section of the blog.

This week I'm happy to have with us Katrina from Katrina Illustration, an illustrator and a designer who creates fashion illustrations, custom blog designs, logos and business card designs, and stationery, among other things. Personally, I love her sketches!

by Katrina


1. Hi Katrina! We're happy to have you on the blog today! 

Thank you for this opportunity, I am so excited to share the art that I love so much with all of you! 

 2. Tell us a little bit about your blog. What do you post about? 

 I use my blog as a place to share my journey as an illustrator and designer. Littered among these posts are examples of commission work that I have done, humorous or touching life experiences re-lived on paper, and peeks into my sketchbooks. 

 3. You make lovely illustrations! What's your inspiration for them? 

Thank you! Most of my inspiration comes from life, though experiences and the beautiful things I see each day in my own life or through the aid of others (via blogs, or social media). The #OOTDsketch posts are taken from what I wore on a particular day, so that is DIRECTLY from my life. However, I love commission work because I get to share creative juices with someone else—taking their vision and what they love and combining it with what I love so much—creating! 

by Katrina

 4. Do you think it is complicated to be an artist these days? Do you think the competition is hard? 

In many ways, the variety found in the art world is very freeing—I am free to both illustrate and exercise more technical design (such as web, social media and logo design), which keeps me from getting bored if nothing else! The competition can be hard, but God has provided for me in so many ways, so I am not about to start worrying now. I am fortunate enough to have a part time job that I love and run the business of my dreams the other half of the week. That way, I can be thankful for the busy times and not fret during the "slower" times. 

 5. How is Internet helping you with your career?

I would probably not be able to run a freelance business from home without it—at least not until I had served for many years at a large design firm to build up clientele (as many before me have done). Thanks to the internet and the portfolio sites that I built during my undergrad, many of the first freelance jobs that I was given just fell into my lap before I was actively seeking them. Haha, I didn't even want a job yet (adjusting to my newly married life and a move) and before I knew it, my business was born! 

 6. Spring is in the air! What do you enjoy the most about this season? 

The promise of Summer and the return of the sunshine and the warmth—it has given me new life and hope. After this particularly cold winter, I am eager to get to the heart of Summertime! 

by Katrina

 7. Thanks for answering these questions and opening us the door of your blog Katrina! 

Thank you for welcoming me into your blogging world today—if you made it all the way down to the end, I am offering all of you 20% of your entire purchase in my Etsy Shop! Feel free to check out some of the stationery, prints and you can even get your hand on a custom portrait done by yours truly! Use coupon code: CASETA20 at check out. Thank you again for giving me a chance to share what I love!


Katrina is also offering free downloads on her blog (including THIS lovely April desktop calendar). You can find them HERE.

Find Katrina on:

blog / twitter / facebook / Instagram / bloglovin / Etsy 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seen this week on the blogsphere...

I'll be starting several sections here in the blog these days, and one of them include a weekly selection of posts that have caught my eye in the blogsphere during the week. It will be posted in Sundays, instad of the Sunday Treasuries I was posting until the moment.

It's just the first of a many changes that will occur in the blog, and I hope you'll like it!

Said that, let's start! These are the posts that have caught my eye this week in the blogsphere...

  • Planning a road trip? Lauren Conrad is sharing on her blog 10 songs for the perfect road trip. What's not to love about this post?

  • Paige from Little Nostalgia is doing some improvements at her place, and one of her goals for the year was to get more light in some areas of her home that were darker. I love what she did with their kitchen, what a great improvement!

  • These really cute Easter Egg Beanies that Tanya from Little Things Blogged made with crochet are really adorable, and the colors are so pretty!

  • Being a lover of both time management and blogging, I'm glad I caught this post by Bre from Peacoats and Plaid about how to take control of the time you're using to mantain your blog. The best of it is that the post is part of a two part series, so stay tunned for when the second one will be posted!

  • Teresa from de blog De Lunares Y Naranjas posted a delicious recipe to make Nutella at home. Delicious! (post in Spanish)

  • I love interior herb gardens, so I loved this post shared by Saxon from the blog Let's Drink Coffee, Darling. Such a great way to use the windowsill!

  • We all know that deco tape can be used to decorate almost everything! I love how Elisa from the blog Señorita Pomelo used it to give a new look to her pencils. So easy, and so pretty! (post in Spanish, but the photos are self explanatory).

On a total unrelated note, remember that that Look what I made Link Party is active during the whole month. Go there, and share your crafts, recipes, sewing projects... anything handmade goes!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Review: Shatter Me

Title: Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1)

Genre: YA Paranormal Dystopia
Publication: 2011
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

The Cover

While the eye is maybe a bit weird and creepy I kinda like it. First of all it's way better than the other cover which was a random girl in a white prom dress. And secondly I like the colors, font and that it's different from other books. I'll take a creepy eye with trees and a waterfall over a lot of the standard covers any day. I like that for the whole series they used the eye in different variations and color schemes.

The Story

Juliette hasn't touched anybody in 264 days.

Her touch is fatal and the last time she touched somebody this person died so she was charged with murder and locked up by The Reestablishment. But they don't really care much more than that because as long as she is locked up she can't hurt anybody and there are a lot more problems in this world that need their attention: diseases, lack of food, no birds and a world that is breaking down.

However, people are talking about war and now The Reestablishment has changed their mind. Maybe they can use Juliette as a weapon instead of locking her up and forgetting about her. Now she has to make a choice: fight with them or fight against them.

My Thoughts

It took me a bit to get into this book but once I did, I really liked it and especially now that I have read the whole series I can really appreciate it. Juliette's journey throughout the series is really great and interesting to read and I love how Mafi's writing reflects this journey. At the beginning the writing is rather simple with short sentences, lots of repetitions and a stream of conscious style. Through the writing it becomes clear that Juliette is going insane. Throughout the story, the writing changes as Juliette changes which I found an interesting development and well done. From what I read, lots of readers are put of by the writing in the first book so if you are, hang in there because the eventual journey is worth it.

I'm usually not a fan of paranormal themes in books but I really enjoyed it in this one, obviously Juliette's power is not a natural ability and as it turns out there are more people in this world that have paranormal powers, I really enjoyed finding out about all the different kinds of powers and what these people can do and how they can work together. It's a bit like X-Men in that sense so if you like that, you'll have an idea of what is a big part of this series, especially the second book in the series. Of course there has to be a love triangle in the series or it wouldn't be a young adult dystopian. I didn't particularly care for it but I did like that the conclusion of this love triangle in the third book is bit unexpected or maybe not really who I was rooting for and felt was the right one for Juliette.

While Juliette can be a bit of a frustrating character from time to time, it was very interesting to get into her head and I enjoyed her story and her development throughout the series. Characters that stood out a lot were the secondary characters and  especially Kenji was totally awesome. A great friend to Juliette, he brings some comedic relief to the series which was a nice distraction from the bleak and dangerous world the series is set in. What I missed about this dystopian world was more world building, we simply have to assume things are as they are and I would have gladly had some more back story.

If you generally like young adult dystopias I can really recommend this one, even though it's a bit romance heavy at times but I've gotten used to this part of these novels. It's a fun journey to partake and as I said before I loved the development of the writing and the characters. There are some shocking twists involved in the story as well and most of the time the books will keep you on the edge of your seat. The whole series is out now so if you decide to read them you can read everything all at once and as I got to this series while only the third book wasn't out yet, I can assure you that they're addictive! Make sure to check out the two novellas as well to get an insight into the minds of the two guys in the love triangle. They're not as good as the actual books but it is kinda nice to get a look in their heads as well.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life captured

First spring days, with more hours of rain than sun...

Primers dies de primavera, amb més hores de pluja que de sol...

Monday, March 31, 2014

"Look What I Made" Link Party!

Another month is over, time goes by so fast! As it's been usual since the year began, here's the "Look What I Made Linky Party", organized in collaboration with Paige from Little Nostalgia, and Ayla from Eyelah. Feel free to link up your DIY project and handmade stuff published in your blog during the whole month of March, and remember that on the next Link Party (which will take place on the last Monday of April) we'll feature the projects we liked the best. It could be yours! 

Un altre mes s'acava, que ràpid passa el temps! Com ja va sent habitual en aquest blog des que va començar l'any, aquí teniu una altra edició del "Look What I Made Linky Party", organitzat amb col·laboració amb la Paige del blog Little Nostalgia, i l'Ayla del blog Eyelah. No dubtis en enllaçar eñs teus projectes DIY i tot allò relacionat amb les manualitats que hagis publicat en el teu blog durant el mes de Març, i recorda que a la pròxima Link Party (que tindrà lloc l'últim dilluns d'abril) ensenyarem els projectes enllaçats que més ens hagin agradat. Podria ser el teu!

And here you have our picks from the last link party (even if it was hard, everything was wonderful!):
I aquí teniu els nostres favorits de la última link party (tot i que ha estat complicat triar, ens ha agradat tot!):

Valentine's Day Banner (made by Edi from Memories for Life)

Vintage Tin Magnets (made by Marieken from Invisible Crown)

St. Patrick's Day Banner (made by Dawn from LeroyLime)


  • The "Look What I Made Linky Party" is open to any blog post featuring something you've made. It can be a DIY project, something you've cooked, a sewing project--anything! At this time we're not accepting links to any shops, but blog posts about your products are welcome. 

  • Make sure you link to a specific blog post and not your homepage. 

  • This party is all about showcasing new projects, so while we're sure that table you painted last summer is awesome, please only link to posts from the last 30 days. 

  • Every month we'll pick our favorite projects and feature them at the beginning of the next month's linky party. Your project might also be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. 

  • We do ask that you link back to us in your blog post. You have your choice of using the pretty linky party button we made below, or just using text. This way the promotion is a two way street and everybody wins.

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